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Our Group

To be the best and most successful supply chain service provider in China.
To achieve supply chain excellence with the best ROI for our customers.
To help our customers to optimize supply chain performance by delivering lower costs, better services, and total transparency.

Our brand

CNL specializes  in providing comprehensive logistics services through its three
well-known brands.

HurryTop: End-to-end solutions.

HurryTOP B2C : Ecommerce.

Feipeng Logistics :Long Haul.

CNL Group


Shanghai Hurrytop Logistics Co., Ltd.  Shanghai Hurrytop B2C Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Hurrytop Industry Co., Ltd.  Langfang Hurrytop Dangerous Goods Transport Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Feipeng Logistics Co., Ltd.   Jiangxi Dingli Logistics Co., Ltd.

View of Headquarters (CNL)